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Join or re-join the LGPS

Eligibility to join the LGPS

The Government sets out strict rules about who can and cannot join an occupational pension scheme.

Most people employed by an LGPS Scheme employer, with a contract lasting at least three months, will not have to opt in to be a member of the LGPS. Your employer will automatically enrol you in the scheme.

This will usually be from the beginning of your employment, although there are some exceptional circumstances where an employer may choose to delay your enrolment.

If you haven’t been automatically enrolled in the Scheme, you may still be able to join if you wish to. Not everyone will be able to opt into the scheme if they haven’t been automatically enrolled, but most people will.

When you first start your job, your employer will confirm if you will be automatically bought into the scheme, and if not, whether you can choose to opt in.

If you’re not sure whether you are a member of the scheme, you can also check your payslips to see if LGPS contributions are being deducted.

The amount you pay to be a member of the scheme will depend on your pensionable pay. View 'how much will you pay' for more information

Re-joining the LGPS

If you previously chose to opt out of the LGPS, you will be able to opt back in again at any time, as long as you are still eligible for LGPS membership.

To join or re-join the LGPS:

Join or re-joining in the 50/50 section

When you complete the opt-in form, you will be brought into the main section of the scheme.

However, you can choose to join or re-join in the 50/50 section of the Scheme. In the 50/50 section, you pay half the standard contribution rate, in exchange for half the normal pension build up.

If you wish to join or re-join in the 50/50 section, you will also need to complete the contribution flexibility form.

For more details, see Pay less into your pension

Next steps

Once your employer has processed your request, they will begin deducting contributions from the next available pay period.

If you submit the form after the monthly payroll has closed, you may not be entered into the scheme until the following month.

Check your payslips for confirmation that contributions are being deducted.

If you have any questions about how long it takes to process your request, contact your employer.