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The Pension Fund Committee

Investment and fund management

Buckinghamshire Council is the administering authority for Buckinghamshire Pension Fund. The Pension Fund Committee (PFC) is responsible for:

  • the overall investment objectives for the Fund
  • the Fund’s Investment Strategy Statement
  • the Fund’s asset allocation policy
  • approving the Funding Strategy Statement
  • approving the Investment Strategy Statement
  • approving the Governance Compliance Statement
  • approving the Pension Administration Strategy
  • approving the Communications Policy
  • monitoring Fund performance
  • monitoring Scheme Governance
  • the appointment of firms to provide investment and actuarial advice to the Fund
  • monitoring the performance of Brunel in delivering investment services to the Fund (see Investment pooling)
  • making representations to the Brunel Oversight Board on matters of concern regarding the service provided by Brunel and the performance of its portfolios
  • any other matters relating to the management and investment of the Pension Fund, as requested

Fund managers and the custodian bank are appointed and monitored by Brunel Pension Partnership.

The PFC is made up of 9 members, including a representative from Milton Keynes Council and Thames Valley Police.

You can find out more about the Committee, dates of meetings, agendas and minutes on the democratic services section of the Buckinghamshire Council website.

Pension fund committee members

Councillor Ralph Bagge (Vice-Chair)

Matthew Barber (representing Thames Valley Police)

Councillor Timothy Butcher (Chair)

Councillor Alex Collingwood

Councillor Ed Gemmell

Councillor Iain Macpherson

Councillor Jennifer Wilson-Marklew (representing Milton Keynes Council)

Councillor Matthew Walsh

Councillor Taffail Hussain

Fund advisors

Mercer Investment Consulting

Carolan Dobson

Fund managers

Legal & General Investment Management

Pantheon Private Equity 

Partners Group


State Street

AVC providers


Scottish Widows