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Buckinghamshire Pension Board

Each Administering Authority is required, under the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) regulations, to establish a local pension board to assist with governance and administration.

The Buckinghamshire Pension Board was initially established in 2015 under the previous authority, Buckinghamshire County Council, before being re-established in 2020 under the new authority, Buckinghamshire Council.  

All meetings, minutes and agendas can be downloaded from the democratic services section of the Buckinghamshire Council website.

Board membership

The board's membership consists of an equal number of member and employer representatives.

A chair and vice-chair are elected to ensure the board delivers in its role and board members are able to reach decisions effectively.

The current elected board members are listed below:

  • Roona Ellis (Chair), scheme employer representative 
  • Ian Thompson (Vice-Chair), scheme member representative 
  • Pete Dearden, scheme member representative 
  • Philip Farquharson, scheme member representative
  • Jack Jennings, employer representative
  • Tina Pearce, scheme member representative 
  • Anna Rulton, scheme employer representative 
  • Jo Whiteley, scheme employer representative

Board members can be contacted at: [email protected].

Board members are required to operate according to the Terms of Reference, declare and manage any conflicts of interest under the Conflicts Policy and perform their duties whilst maintaining the principles in the Code of Conduct.

They are also required to maintain adequate knowledge of scheme regulations and legal requirements relating to pensions. This requirement is set out in the Knowledge and Understanding Framework.


These policies are reviewed annually and can be downloaded below:

Terms of Reference (PDF, 288 KB)
Code of Conduct Policy (PDF, 195 KB)
Conflicts Policy (PDF, 156 KB)
Knowledge and Understanding Framework (PDF, 182 KB)

The board is reviewed annually to ensure it is meeting its objectives, as well as functioning in accordance with regulatory requirements. These are available to download below:

2023 to 2024 annual review of the Buckinghamshire Pension Board (PDF, 217 KB)
2022 to 2023 annual review of the Buckinghamshire Pension Board (PDF, 194 KB)