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Pension Awareness week

Pension awareness week is taking place between 11 to 15 September 2023. Find out how you can get involved.

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If you’re currently paying into an LGPS pension, you have the comfort of knowing that you’re taking a positive step towards saving for your future. Our website is full of information to help you understand how your LGPS pension works and what you can do to prepare for your retirement.

You should consider all potential sources of income in retirement along with your LGPS pension. This includes income from state pension and any other personal or workplace pensions you hold.

Pension awareness week is taking place between 11 to 15 September 2023. This annual initiative is run by pensions professionals to help educate and empower individuals to plan for retirement. During the week you will be able to join a variety of free webinars. Topics covered include ‘how much will I need to save for retirement’, ‘how prepared are you for retirement’, ‘the new state pension’ and ‘pension and tax explained’.

Each webinar features a live Q&A session in which you can put questions about your own circumstances to the pension experts. The experts always do their best to answer questions and explain how pensions work in a simple jargon-free way.

There are also many free resources available on the pension awareness website which you can access for free right now. This includes answers to common pension FAQs and a variety of videos which you can view at your convenience.

To access these resources and to book a free webinar, visit: