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Tell us about the death of a pensioner member

We understand that it is very distressing when a loved one dies and there is always lots to do, however it’s very important that you notify us as soon as possible when someone receiving a pension from us dies. If an overpayment of pension occurs, we will to ask the next of kin or the estate to pay it back.

To tell us about the death of a pensioner member, call or email:

You should be prepared that we will ask you for:

  • the date that the member died
  • contact details for the next of kin (email and address)
  • the member’s National Insurance number or pensioner member reference number (if this is available).

If you have a Tell Us Once reference number

If you have used the Tell Us Once service to report a death, you won’t need to contact us separately. The service provides the necessary documents we need.

If they do not inform us, we will request a photocopy of the death certificate or an interim certificate before we will pay out any pension benefits.