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In-Form: Employer’s newsletter

In-Form is the quarterly newsletter for Buckinghamshire Pension Fund Employers.

In every issue you’ll find essential updates from the Pensions and Investments Team, including:

  • scheme news
  • bitesize training
  • employer FAQs
  • special features focusing on issues of interest to LGPS employers

Latest issue of In-Form: Winter 2022 - Issue 11

Previous issues of In-Form:

Autumn 2022 - Issue 10
Summer 2022 - Issue 9
Spring 2022 - Issue 8
Winter 2021 - Issue 7
Autumn 2021- Issue 6
Summer 2021- Issue 5
Spring 2021- Issue 4
Winter 2020 - Issue 3
Autumn 2020 – Issue 2
Spring 2020 - Issue 1

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